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The story begins… ARTIMAS is founded, originally as a small freight forwarding company with a handful of employees, operating mainly out of Poland and Asia.

Initial development took off quickly as the company managed to secure several large contracts, such as a project moving a significant quantity of vehicles between Eastern Europe and Central Asia. Utilizing innovative routes, their ability to adapt, overcome obstacles, and meet challenging targets helped build and develop the foundations of valued partnerships that continue to thrive today.

Artimas’ core values, namely reliability, speed, and versatility, were the basis of its early success and remain integral to the company’s philosophy to this day.


Artimas’ network continued to grow, as did its reputation: notably for its specialised, express freight services.  Recognizing a gap in the market, 2014 saw the introduction of non-stop, door-to-door trucking services between Europe and CIS countries, as an alternative to air freight – achieving the same transit times with cost reductions of up to 50%.

Always striving to fulfill their commitments to clients, cooperation with proficient and trusted partners is not only a priority but an absolute necessity.

To cope with demand, as well as ensure customers high expectations were always met, Artimas invested in its own trucks. Initially acquiring 5 to 10 trucks, our fleet now approaches 100 tractors and over 200 semitrailers.


Having our own fleet of trucks enabled us to commit more substantial projects, offering increased capacity and higher performance.  As a result, the company’s client base grew over the next decade, developing relationships with customers from a diverse range of sectors, including global fashion giants and automotive industry leaders. In 2018 ‘ARTIMAS Group’ was established as a specialised transportation company, complementing our freight forwarding services and expanding our European footprint.


Despite thriving economies and increased demand the turn of the decade saw abrupt changes in international transportation as air freight all but ground to a halt and ocean freight networks were faced with major disruptions. In 2020 we founded ITSCargo within the Artimas Group, starting with a focus on Asia/CISS-Europe Trucking. In the subsequent years, both throughout and after the global pandemic, ITSCargo flourished in an environment where many were striving to operate – finding solutions to move high volumes of goods at scale, via an innovative approach and agile, pragmatic solutions.


ITS-ARTIMAS was founded in Spain to focus on the South-West Europe freight market. Following a consistent flow of goods to and from the region and the development of relationships with strategic partners in the area, the need for a local office was obvious.

At the same time, ITSCargo began facilitating all transportation modalities, offering a wide range of seamless, comprehensive transport solutions to customers worldwide.

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We are committed to providing Innovative Transportation Solutions to businesses of all sizes and offer an extensive range of services spanning the entire lifecycle of your shipments.
We believe in an efficient and sustainable future and support the development of creative initiatives that reduce environmental impact, increase efficiency and support our customers’ growth.

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Our vision

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