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Intelligent Freight Management

End-to-End Supply Chain Management

ITSCargo East warehouse offers a wide range of benefits designed to help your business thrive. It is strategically located near to several major transportation hubs, which enables quick and easy distribution to you and your customers. We offer state of the art facilities that are equipped with the latest technology and security systems to ensure the safety and protection of your goods at all times. Longterm, shorterm and bonded storage solutions are available and we can provide full customs clearance services, allowing ITSCargo to act as a one-stop-shop for all your supply chain requirements.

Seamless Warehousing

Tailored to your logistic operations and flexible to meet variable demand.

Customs Warehouse

Secure, short and long-term (bonded) storage available, for goods in transit.

Transload & Cross-Dock Services

30-minute service for full truck/container, with pallets.

Order Fulfillment

Collecting, sorting and packaging your goods for shipment and distribution: efficiently, while minimizing the cost.

Pick & Pack / Assembly

We can fill, label, shrink wrap, box, assemble and kit your goods in no time at all.


We can take care of allocating your inventory across channels, locations and customers.

Our warehouse

ITSCargo East


Located at the heart of A2 motorway
Connecting Gdansk, Krakow, Poznan and Via Carpatia

WAW Airport
5 minutes to connect to the world via AIR

2 hours to connect to Asia via Rail

Gdansk Port
4 Hours to connect globally via SEA

Our Priority: Supply Chain Security

In addition to general cargo via our standard air freight and transportation services, we also offer a range of specialist services to meet the unique needs of different industries and enterprises. These include:



Our warehouse team is fast and efficient. From receiving and storing inventory to picking, packing and dispatching orders, we work with precision and attention to detail ensuring that every order is processed accurately and dispatched on time.
What sets our team apart is their commitment to safety and precision. We follow strict protocols for handling and storing materials with care, minimizing the risk of damage or loss.



Our facility is monitored 24/7.
Regular security audits and training for our team help identify and mitigate potential risks, as well as educate them on how to recognize and respond to security breaches.
Only authorized personnel have access to the facilities. Our security on site provides a visible deterrence to potential offenders and responds immediately to any security situations.

Peace of Mind

Peace of Mind

We have full insurance for the warehouse building and its content as well as both liability and business interruption coverage. Our facilities are fully compliant with all legal and contractual requirements which most importantly gives you the peace of mind that your cargo is safe with us.

Automation & technology

We optimize your storage and supply chain operations by utilizing the latest automation systems and technology. As well as adding efficiency and flexibility, it makes the process more cost-effective and reliable.


A powerful tool for streamlining operations, managing stock, optimizing space and improving inventory accuracy.


Tags, sensors and cameras to monitor and track inventory, equipment and operations, to improve visibility and efficiency.

Barcode Scanning

Integrated with WMS and IoT. When your cargo enters, moves or exits the warehouse, all operations are swiftly streamlined and digitally recorded.

Automatic Heating Systems

Allows for remote monitoring and control of the temperature, schedule and energy usage. We make a conscious effort to minimize our carbon footprint. We continually invest in our IT landscape which consists of the best-in-class warehouse management system, to offer you seamless integration, visibility and improved accuracy, allowing you to be nimble and adapt to any supply chain events.

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